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3.1 Phillip Lim Dress // Swedish Hasbeens Sandals // Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse // Emilio Pucci Vintage Sunglasses

S H O P   T H E   L O O K


I want to start off by saying that I NEVER use foundation. It has always felt too heavy and I am never comfortable when I can feel the makeup I am wearing. While browsing the Fall Temptu collection I was hesitant at first to even select a foundation shade... but I thought I might as well give the whole experience a fair chance. I was stunned by the results! I have always taken my uneven skin tones in stride and never thought a flawless look could be achieved without caking on layers of foundation and concealer. Not only was the airbrush technique new, fun and the easiest thing ever, but it felt like I was wearing no makeup at all. The Temptu airbrush pen works like magic. After making circular motions over the desired areas, my blemishes and dark spots began to disappear, no manual blending required! I am so happy to incorporate Temptu into my daily routine. 

To try it out for yourself visit their site: Shop Temptu. To purchase what I am wearing shop the new collection: Temptu Fall Preview
This post was sponsored by Temptu. All opinions and ideas expressed are my own.

Vintage Pucci

Throughout all my years as a vintage collector, I have come across these 1960's Emilio Pucci oversized sunglasses twice, and both times I have regretted not purchasing the printed frames. The first time I became aware of their existence, I was the ripe young age of 15. It was one of many Summers spent in Los Angeles, I was just beginning to nurture my passion for all things vintage. During one of our Mother-Daughter shopping outings, I spotted the sunglasses at Paperbag Princess. I was obsessed, they had to be mine. At the wildly extravagant price of $500, my Mother and I agreed (to disagree) that this was a bit too excessive of a purchase for a teenager. But the obsession had begun, and I would continue to daydream of these hippie shades for years to come... Until spotting them for a second time. This time at an antiques mall in New York City. I was older, more mature and surely deserving of such amazing eyewear. The price tag was still in the $500 range. Without even having a Mother to negotiate with, I had to agree with the past decision: this was still a bit much for a pair of sunglasses. These frames have forever been "the one that got away" until that fateful day I received an Ebay alert: "EMILIO PUCCI PRINTED SUNGLASSES $250 AUCTION ENDING IN 1 HOUR." I immediately logged on, placed my bid and crossed my fingers for no competitors. Obviously I won, because the photographs you see now are in my possession. I know they seem a bit silly and maybe not for everyone, but they are no less special to me.

Emilio Pucci Vintage Kimono // Emilio Pucci Vintage Sunglasses

S H O P   T H E   L O O K


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