Friday, September 21, 2012

Designer Dolls

 This Friday I have decided to support two of my favorite artists: Marc Jacobs and South Park, by hosting a free give away for bloggers. I spotted these hilarious mini Marc dolls at the Marc Jacobs store a couple weeks ago and decided to look further into this collaboration between the designer and the comedian duo from Comedy Central's South Park. I still have yet to see the episode featuring "Muscle Marc" but apparently Mr. Jacobs loved his cartoon character and was quite flattered. After duplicating the cartoon in the fashion of a tattoo, Marc proceeded to get in touch with the writers to have a "Muscle Marc" plush made. I absolutely love this story, and how a famous designer like Marc Jacobs can laugh at himself.
This designer doll trend is not something new, other esteemed designers have looked to dolls for curated shows or just fun in the past. Here are some of my favorites:
Viktor and Rolf asked for dolls when planning their 2008 museum exhibition. Hand made porcelain dolls where made to wear miniature garments spanning from 1992-2008 collections.
Lanvin collaborated with the charity "Dessine L'Espoir" which supports women who suffer with HIV. The collection features 4 limited edition hand made dolls by the women themselves in Swaziland. Buy Lanvin Plush
Karl Lagerfeld collaborated with the famous toy company, Steiff to produce these chic teddies clad in Karl's iconic black and white uniform and sunglasses.

And of course, 
Barbie has been sporting a designer wardrobe for decades...
Christian Louboutin

 How to Win your very own Muscle Marc Plush:
If you where a designer, what would your doll look like? Would you go the soft and cuddly plush route, or stick to the classic Barbie. Write a post, draw a picture or just comment. Make sure to link back to this post or my blog so 
I can choose a winner!



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