Saturday, September 22, 2012


 When I was in high school I would carry this inspiration scrap book around everywhere. I would make collages of designers, styles or aesthetics I was attracted to. It was a good reference for me whenever I needed ideas or just wanted to save images I enjoyed. It is funny how my style has remained true to my 14 year old self, and the designers I admired then, I still look up to now, including Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Prada. I really need to start making a book or even a small moleskin like this to keep with me whenever I need inspiration or find something I like. I also have a huge file on my desktop of images I find along my internet journeys that I pull up for reference but I would prefer a tactile version as well. I also think tools like tumblr and Pinterest are good outlets for cataloging inspiration images and sharing them with friends. How do you prefer to be inspired? Would you favor a tactile journal, or take the ciber route?



  1. This is inspirational, it's like Polyvore in a notebook, or those beautiful inspiration boards in Elle Collections. Love it!

  2. I'd love to keep an inspiration journal! I may just do this soon because your photos have inspired me. I also kept a folder on my desktop of photos I came by that I loved... but then Pinterest happened and the obsession grew :D
    Thanks for reaching out on IFB! I'm following your blog, feel free to check out mine. Would love to stay in contact!
    Love, Shushu

  3. Oh, this reminds me so much of the collages I used to create in my teen years, I love, love, love inspiration journals :) I also keep lots of folders on my computer but I rarely have the chance to check them out properly. I use Pinterest of course, it's like the best thing ever now, and I enjoy browsing through various Tumblr's . It calms me down although it's time consuming ^_^

    The idea of creating a new inspiration journal crossed my mind this summer, but I felt bad ripping the pages of the magazines now. Maybe I'll cave in eventually and do it all again :)


    1. I also feel bad about tearing up my magazines these days! This is my dilemma... hmmm...
      xx emileeanne

  4. This is a really nice book, lovely inspiration.

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  5. I love your book! The collages are so fun and inspirational:) xx I particularly like the outside design of the book. haha! Wish I knew how to sew.

  6. This is such a wonderful idea! :) I especially love the cover. Would love to have an inspiration book like that to look at.

    PS: I just discovered your blog, and am filing through the archives, as I do with every new blog I like ;) In case you were wondering why someone's commenting on really old posts.


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