Monday, September 24, 2012


 Last night I was lucky enough to cross one of my favorite bands off my "to see" list. Radio City Music Hall is such a magical place, and it was the perfect setting for a night with Metric. I carry a very sentimental attachment to this band, it got me through those agonizing teen angst years. It is something I want to listen to now matter what mood I am in, and whenever I am searching my iPod for something to play, it is constantly my go to band. As sappy as it is, I even cried a little during the performance. Thank you Metric for a wonderful evening. 
 Chanel tweed blazer (stolen from my mom's closet), Banana Republic silk blouse, H&M leather shorts, Christian Louboutin glitter kitten heels, Vintage Christian Dior brocade clutch (found at a Parisian flea market), vintage Gucci scarf.
One of the best surprise guests ever: 
Lou Reed from The Velvet Underground



  1. Eek! I love Metric and your concert outfit is adorable! Especially those silver flats <3


  2. Love the outfit!! I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award as well as the Liebster Award. Check it out here &

  3. Ooo! Metric is one of my favourite bands! I saw them live twice. Once it was an outdoor show and they had closed down the streets and built a stage in the heart of downtown Montreal. Loving their new album too!
    Love, Shushu

    1. The outdoor show sounds so lovely, I would love to attend a more intimate setting in the future.
      xx emileeanne


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