Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blogger on the Cusp Finalist: Emilee Anne

This past week has flown by since I found out I was nominated as a Cusp by: Neiman Marcus Blogger on the Cusp finalist. I entered the competition after a friend forwarded me a page off of NM Daily, announcing that they were on the hunt for a "Blogger on the Cusp." It sounded like the perfect idea being a New York fashion blogger originally from Dallas, the birthplace of Neiman Marcus. So I submitted my blog and honestly put the whole thing out of my mind as to not get my hopes up. I was in Dallas en route to Los Angeles for the weekend, which as fate would have it has a fantastic Cusp location. I always love shopping around the Cusp boutique at my hometown Neimans, but this store had a little bit more of every selection and made the experience that much more special of an experience! As I finalist, I was asked to style an outfit using $1000 so here's what I came up with!
Shop the look at Cusp now!
Jacket: Maison Scotch
Nacklace 1: Nakamol
Necklace 2: House of Harlow
Ring: Panacea
Sunlgasses: Ray-Ban


  1. Congrats girly! Loving the outfit you created! The sweater and boots are amazing!


  2. Thank you so much! Appreciate the compliments!
    xx Emilee Anne

  3. So many fun photo's! I love how you styled this, gonna try to remember to vote each day for you :)
    (already left you a photo today)

  4. *vote woops :D sorry typing too quickly haha

    1. Thank you so much! You are so sweet, I really appreiciate the support, every vote counts! xx Emilee Anne

  5. I voted for you! You are so very stylish and you seem to have a great heart.

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    Emily Jenny


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