Monday, October 29, 2012


 As the worst of Hurricane Sandy approaches New York City, I couldn't help but grab one more walk around the block and savor the fresh air before completely barricading myself into my apartment. The worst is still to come, but I have plenty of board games and enough pizza to last a month so I feel pretty prepared. I wanted to capture the abandoned streets of the most popular intersection in Manhattan: Herald Square. There were a few tourists wandering the area window shopping since everything on the East coast is pretty much shut down, probably grabbing their last chance at some fresh air like I was. If your in the area, 
good luck and please stay safe!


  1. You look incredible stylish for such an adventurous outing, but I guess that's just you :)

    I love the deserted feel on the streets, although I try not to think about the reasons behind it.

    I adore your boots and oversized bow ring, you look precious.

    Stay safe and lots of hugs,

    1. Thanks for the good wishes! I have been huddled up in bed since going out, staying dry! xx Emilee Anne


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