Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Scarf Collection

 Hello, my name is Emilee Anne and I am a scarf addict. Well, to be honest I see myself more like an art collector to be honest. And that is exactly what silk printed scarfs are, art. These masterpieces can take 9-10 months to make. And that is after the long process of designing, sketching, etching and color testing. Here are a few of my favorite and most treasured scarves I have collected over the years.
 Chanel Pink Floral Paint Brush Scarf
This is a scarf that is very sentimental to me, and I can see myself looking back on the day I bought it with beautiful memories. This past Summer I was fortunate enough to visit Paris, France along my college graduation trip. I had always wanted to visit the original Chanel store and see the infamous mirrored stairway. That fateful day at 31 Rue. Cambon I set my eyes on this pastel colored scarf with paintbrush strokes creating Chanel's signature double C logo. I guess you could say I was caught up in the moment, but I could not resist the splurge.
 Emilio Pucci Brown Geometric Scarf
I came across this neutral colored scarf while thrifting in Dallas, Texas. What is really unique about this piece is the fabric. It is not the traditional silk material, but rather a silk crepe texture. I love the muted colors of this scarf, it matches almost everything!
 Hermes Blue Bridle Scarf
This vintage scarf was a high school graduation gift from my Aunt. She found it at an antique mall in Texas still intact with the original signature orange box, so we thought it was quite a find.
 Chanel Sport Motif Scarf
Every now and then you come across something that possesses a price tag that is too good to be true. I spotted this quirky scarf at an antique mall in Dallas, whose vendor apparently did not realize the value of a vintage Chanel scarf. This piece was a steal at only $10!
 Gucci Stage Coach Scarf
My mother fell in love with this vintage horse and carriage themed scarf she found at a designer re-sale shop. After noticing the new addition to her closet while visiting home, I also developed quite the crush. She later surprised me with its ownership claiming, "I would get more wear out of it." Thank you Mom!
Emilio Pucci Pink Organic Print Scarf
Most of my collection is vintage with the exception of this item, my Chanel scarf from 31 Rue Cambon and a few Alexander McQueen scarves I couldn't resist. While I was gazing at the scarf counter at Barney's New York this Pucci scarf stood out. I love the color palette and it hasn't failed to be paired with some of my favorite outfits. Thanks to one of my other Aunts, she saw me eyeing it and went back without me to purchase this steal, it didn't hurt that it was 50% off!


  1. Ah, I love this post and am ridiculously jealous of your amazing scarves! x

  2. Just came across this old blog post while searching for more example images of counterfeit CHANEL scarves. Glad you only got conned out of $10 for that vintage fake "Chanel" you found in Dallas. If the poor quality cartoon graphic plus wrong font printed in the center circle 'address' isn't obvious enough, the bogus "CHANEL PARIS" signature in the wrong SERIF font is absolute proof. (Compare it with the sig on the one you bought at CHANEL in Paris).

    Remember, CHANEL has always used the same custom sans serif font to print their trademarked name on all products in any material since it was first registered in 1924. Chanel never uses serif font; so whenever you see that it's FAKE.

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