Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Little Bit Country

Don't let the photos fool you, it was a bitter 20 degrees today. But I was thankful the sun was out. I had my mom snap these photos on our way to brunch, we loved the shadows coming off the chain link fence. I am gearing up to go snowboarding tomorrow, can't wait to post photos from the slopes!

Prada Sunglasses // Sister Jane Silk Western Shirt // Andrew Marc Shearling Jacket Levi's Boyfriend Jeans // Vintage Leather Belt // Missoni Scarf // Christian Louboutin Pumps // Kate Spade Polkaa-dot Leather Gloves // Hermes Birkin


  1. Hair tutorial please? Or does your hair just do that without any styling?

    1. Maybe soon! I have naturally thick and coarse hair so I just pulled it back and cinched it up without teasing. For finer hair, Pull half of your hair up and tease gently underneath, then pull back and pin with a few bobby pins!
      xx Emile Anne


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