Sunday, January 6, 2013


 I spent the weekend painting watercolor portraits of all the kitties that have been in my life. Cats have been a huge part of my upbringing- my Mother's cat who lived to be 26 was my best friend growing up. She had the highest tolerance for me- letting me drag her around by her tail when I was learning to walk for example- and was very protective. When I grew envious of my friend's new puppy I thought our family could get one as well, but my mother replied, "Emilee, we are cat people..." And so I put the idea out of my head. Don't get me wrong, I love puppies as much as the next dog fanatic- but I guess like my mom said years ago, I am a cat person through and through. 
I am thinking about making the paintings into a polka-dot print for new fabric... I will post the finished masterpieces with little bios later this week!


  1. LOVE this post - I'm also a cat person. My kitty is a major part of my life... love her to pieces!! Beautiful watercolors! I think they would be fabulous as a polka-dot! xx

  2. WoW this is wonderful. You're really talented person.
    Have a nice week.



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