Sunday, April 21, 2013

Prairie Girl

Each year as a tradition, I have to visit the Central Park Zoo once the weather finally warms up. Unfortunately my favorite attraction, the polar bears, were nowhere to be found. On the bright side, the penguin room comes offered up plenty of entertainment (once I adapted to the fishy smell). Such a beautiful Sunday for the zoo and to see the park starting to bloom!

Vintage 1970's Prairie Dress // Frye Lace-Up Boots // Vintage 1950's Fur Cardigan // Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan Sunglasses


  1. I love the dress. It is tight around the ribcage which is very flattering. Sorry about the polar bears, but I'm glad you still had fun!

    Ally @

  2. Ooh I must visit the Zoo too sometime! Love that photo of the blue bird, such a pretty one. Shame the Polar Bears weren't there. Lovely dress!

  3. Omg, you look so beautiful and so relaxed. I adore the smiling pictures and the dress is fantastic! The Zoo made for a perfect backdrop <3



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