Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Cat's Pajamas

Cheesy blog titles aside, I have really investing a lot of energy in this new personal uniform. See original infatuation here. And by energy I mean hours spent scouring ebay, etsy and any other vintage source on the internet for other people's pajamas... I mean, vintage sleepwear. Whenever I go thrifting I always find myself inspecting the lingerie section for anything worth buying but a lot of times I come up empty handed due to holes and stains. In my travels, I have found a few impeccable shops devoted to beautiful vintage lingerie and sleepwear, but the really gorgeous pieces from the 1920's through the 1940's that I am often drawn to are way outside my budget (Not to mention I would be terrified to wear anything from those eras because everything is so delicate and needs to be behind glass). So for now, I have found ebay and etsy to offer a pretty good selection of vintage pieces from the 1950-1970's. Once you can get past all the embarrassing photographs of people trying to model their own skimpy hand-me-downs that is. 

Bottom line is, I ordered a bundle of "pettipants" last week that I have been living in. It has also been incredibly convenient since I have been sick recently and consider this the perfect loophole for wearing my pajamas to work. 

E by Eloise Pajama Blouse // Vintage Black Lace Shorts // Charlotte Olympia Cat Loafers // Does morning breath count as an accessory? Because mine is really bad...


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