Monday, April 27, 2015

Hair Therapy With Keratin Complex

I have been dying my hair since the 6th grade. You name it, I've done it... highlights, bleached, pink tips, ombre and now my new favorite: balayage.  Luckily I have thick healthy hair that can put up with my mood swings, but dry/split ends have pretty much always been my norm and I am always looking for a new treatment to help them out. Thankfully Keratin Complex reached out to me with the perfect solution! I have been using the new Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner in unison with the Thermo-Shine Thermal Protectant Mist for the past week and can notice softer locks already. I especially notice improvements while brushing out tangles from having my hair up in a bun all day (usually my ends stick together causing knots which then pull out). Thankful for my new side-kick, looking forward to more longterm results!


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