Monday, June 8, 2015

Pin Curl Tutorial

I always love playing around with new ways to curl and style my hair, which is why I was so excited to work with Folica and their stunning products on a little hair tutorial. For my pin curl how-to I used the T3 Whirl Trio with interchangeable barrels (I did not use the tapered wand in this tutorial, but it is a great option to have!), Theorie Heat Shield Thermal Spray, Fave4 Workable Wear Spray, hair pins and some vintage Valentino inspiration!
First, prep your hair while it is still wet with a thermal protection spray. Once dry, start by curling strands of hair towards your face. I like to use the small barrel for the top layers and sections around my face. Once you have a section curled, wrap it in the same direction around your fingers, roll it up and pin in place while it is still hot.
Then, taking the larger barrel, curl the underneath sections in the same way as the previous sections. Give your pin curls a few moments to set and cool, I normally do my makeup while I wait.
Then, my favorite part, take out each curl starting from the bottom. Shake it out and brush your fingers through your curls.
I then pulled half of my curls up and tied them with a bow, but they also are fun to wear all down, full of bounce and volume. And for the finishing touch, use a few splashes of hairspray for hold!


  1. I really like this fun hairstyle. The bow is the perfect touch.


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