Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cat Eye Tutorial

I rarely wear a lot of makeup, only a simple cat eye for most days. For me that is all I really like, it is classic and makes me feel confident. Sometimes, if I am feeling really special I will add a couple brushes of mascara. I have been perfecting my bold cat eye for years now, always experimenting with pens verses liquids, different angles, thicknesses, etc. By now this is my go-to method, once you have enough practice, these four steps will seem like one motion. 1. Fill in a couple millimeters of your top lid, not the entire lid unless you want that Amy Winehouse vibe. I use e.l.f. expert liquid liner, it is the best and most affordable liner I have come across. I normally stock up on 10 tubes at a time! 2. Extend a line out, either straight across for a slim cat eye, or angled upwards for a curvier look. I always draw mine towards the end of my eyebrow, stopping at the half way mark between the corner of my eye and the end of the brow. 3. This is the tricky part... starting from the end of your extended line, make a connecting line to the inner corner of your eye. This usually take me a couple strokes to get the shape just how I like it. 4. Lastly, making sure not to stray outside the lines, fill it in!


  1. this diagram is great


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