Monday, September 14, 2015

Tea Time with Links of London

Tea, scones, finger sandwiches, macarons? Yes please! High tea has been a favorite tradition of mine since I was a little girl organizing parties with my stuffed animals. When I had the chance to pick out charms for my new Links of London Sweetie Bracelet I was so excited to see a Tea Pot, a Tea Cup & Saucer, and a Macaron charm... All the tea party necessities! Each charm is so sweet and beautifully detailed, perfect for remembering a special moment. This collaboration was supported by Shopping Links, all ideas and opinions expressed are my own.


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  2. This post is so cute! I love that charm bracelet

  3. Everything about this post is so lovely! I adore the charm bracelet!

  4. What a nice afternoon tea! It looks so delicate and kind of Ladurée-esque, but I guess that's because of the macaroons :p
    Also, your top is gorgeous!

    Julia xx
    | |

  5. This is the most gorgeous post! The photography is stunning x

    Martha Jane |

  6. What gorgeous little charms! And although I'm not a fan of macarons, they sure are photogenic :D x

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