Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How To Style Vintage Ferragamo Vara Pumps

When I find a style that I love, I seem to buy it up in every color... my Ferragamo Vara Bow pumps are no exception! They are the perfect walking shoe, while still remaining chic with a little heel. A style so classic that it is still being re-designed today in fun new colors and materials. While I love admiring the new designs, I love collecting the vintage pairs even more... there's something about "the hunt" when it comes to finding a vintage item that is much more rewarding for me. I usually come across a few pairs in various colors on eBay, be careful to select the correct width! Vintage Ferragamo shoes can range from narrow (A) to wide (C), I am usually a medium width (B). Visit a few of my past posts where I styled my White Ferragamo Vara Pumps, my Black Ferragamo Vara Pumps and my Pink Ferragamo Vara Pumps also here and here.

S H O P   T H E   L O O K

Ferragamo Vara Pumps in Black // Ferragamo Vara Pumps in Pastel Pink // Ferragamo Vara Pumps in White


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