Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How to Style Vintage Chanel Jewelry

Chanel is by far my biggest vintage weakness. Those iconic double C's have made their mark in fashion along with the label's trademark tweed and quilting. Vintage Chanel jewelry and handbags, with 18k gold plated hardware, are actually becoming more sought after than newer styles... Especially now that Chanel has discontinued their gold plating in recent collections. There is something so timeless about the bold and golden looks circa 1980-1990's, filled with layers upon layers of chains and pearls. To see how I styled my favorite vintage Chanel accessories, visit a few of my previous posts: Layered with a Pearl Choker, Embellished with Brooches, Belted with Charms and Pinned onto a Tweed Jacket.

S H O P   T H E   L O O K

Vintage Chanel Necklace (Similar here, here and here) // Vintage Chanel Turnlock Bracelet also here and here // Vintage Chanel Brooch (Similar here and here) // Vintage Chanel Quilted Jumbo Purse // Vintage Chanel Belt (Similar here)


  1. Just fabulous !
    I own a pair of gold tone extra large clip on 1990's earrings from Chanel but rarely wear them as they are heavy. I need to find new ways of wearing them.

  2. Wow... somebody please give me these chanel jewelry. I like your piece of work and the post you have posted. Keep Posting!

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