Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Vintage Bracelets

Golden chains, rhinestones and pearls... Take your pick from our curated selection of vintage bracelets! 
Our favorite way to wear this style is stacked in groups of threes, or coupled with a classic watch. Whatever your stylistic preference is... just remember, it's all in the wrist!

S H O P   T H E   L O O K



  1. Lovely collection!!! The best thing that I feel about vintage jewelry is that, they are crafted so well and whir look is so refined. Either it's about neck piece, or about rings, earring or other kind of jewelry, they are so well to give you an intense and elegant look. I have koa wood bracelethaving titanium used to design it which is one of the elegant piece from my collection.

  2. What a slick and exact article. The utilization of words is praiseworthy.


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