Sunday, October 1, 2017

Life in San Francisco

 With my 1 year anniversary since moving to San Francisco around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to share what I've been up to on the west coast, also known as the BEST coast! But first, we have to go back a few more years to where it all began... Patrick and I started thinking about making a move from New York City around 2015 and what our life might look like in the Bay City. I was introduced to Jillian from Sweet & Spark through mutual friends, and we immediately hit it off. We both grew up with antique collectors for parents and funny enough, had both ended up with a kindred love for collecting vintage jewelry. With so much to bond over we stayed in touch through social media and blog collaborations until I eventually made the move west in 2016.
I was so happy to have a San Francisco buddy who I had so much in common with! One night, Jillian was over for dinner at my apartment when she happened to mention that her assistant had recently left S&S. At the time, I was attending jewelry school part time and thought it might be a fun learning experience to help out on my days off. It instantly felt like the right fit! A few months passed and I began spending more days working at S&S and taking on more responsibilities at the company. Half way through Summer, we were brainstorming ideas for growing Sweet & Spark and before I knew it we had booked orders for contemporary apparel as well as tickets to the Las Vegas trade shows.

I am proud to call myself the in-house lead stylist at S&S, and even more thrilled to share our new apparel collection with you! Filled with florals, lace and bows... This collection is everything that we love to style our vintage jewelry with. Looking forward to sharing my Sweet & Spark adventures here, including new apparel launching this week (sign up for the newsletter to get first dibs)! You can read more about my new position as well as my 5 Fall Style Tips on the S&S blog. 

S H O P   T H E   L O O K


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